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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 19, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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she jogged in el palo alto park. police think it may be the same person who groped two other women. >> police are worried he mighting getting more aggressive because he grabbed the victim and tried to pull her to the ground. >> there is police say the latino community is being targeted by a so called latin lottery scam. >> and there is again, september 10th. both cases someone approached spanish speaking women and said they needed help to cash a winning lotto ticket after getting the woman to trust them, the thieves made off with cash and jumry 6 -- jewelry. >> police are looking for a driver that made a sheriff deputy crash into a big rig during a chase on highway 37 and wilson avenue. >> police tried to pull over a
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driver for a traffic stop. the driver tossed a shotgun out of the window during the chase. >> in oakland, crime is up and numbers of officers on the street is down. city leader as dress the new police academy and talked about arrests. >> police complete the search for suspects just as they make a major push to add more officers to ranks. police chief jordan, mayor kwan and city administrator addressed the academy. as the chief highlighted success at taking men he described as wanted robbery suspects off of the streets. and the chief says the number of officers working has fallen just as they see a rise in violent crime and severe cuts to their budgets.
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there are 631 active officers. next class expected to add 40 to ranks but that won't happen until 2013. >> and detectives are try sog solve a copper theft. someone reporting thieves stole all copper to air conditioning units on top of a building in the 100 block of doolittle drive. police think they know how this went down. >> there are people probably using utility truck that's might be stolen, maybe wearing costumes. we had metal greats being recycled and stolen. the guy was wearing, you would have thought he was a city employee. >> police are asking for help from anyone who night have seen something. >> a happy musical note in the case of a stolen cello in san francisco. >> good news that, cello is
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back in the hands of the owner. the story went viral. adam young is playing this instrument he's had more than half of his life. is found here just two block as way. sheert individual yof a well dressed couple that are walking out with a case over the man's shoulder. young says that is his, taken from an unlocked storage locker. there is now a lock. >> i love it. it's my cello. i've never not known where he was -- it was, before. >> and there is a new rule every locker must have a lock in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> google being sued by an
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actress appearing in the antiislamic film that sparked outrage among muslims and wants the movie trailer removed from you tube. >> the search engine blocked users in saudi arabia and egypt from viewing that film. and saying her appearance brought death threats. >> officials have given approval to start construction on the first phase of california high speed rail system. it's a 65 mile span and today's decision by the railroad administration clears a hurdle for the system to start next year. >> there is starting today, you can register to vote in cal ka allowing to transfer voter registration forms electrically to the secretary of state web site to their county election office. in the past californians could
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access registration forms online but they had to be printed and mailed n voters have until october 22 to register for the november election. >> fast food chain chick-fil-a will reportedly no longer contribute money to antigay organizations. and some groups called for a boycott. others waited in line to show support. one politician says they told him donations would stop. >> caltrans working to clear out a homeless camp underneath a freeway where this becomes king stree. a fire broke out today. sky 7 was overhead, firefighters mopped up the mess. the city cleared out this camp from the exact spot before, kind of a recurring problem. now, they're working with caltrans to put fencing ash around that area there. is no damage to the freeway.
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>> and a department fire this morning touched off a bizarre string of events including a woman escaping, then running back into it. >> there are firefighters calling it a hot fire burning through this unit. they spent part of the morning getting water on hot spots. marie was in the unit. she was wakened... and barking of her dog, molly. >> there is a shed. and... i tried to get her to come out. she won't. i had to jump back in there to try and pick her up after she escaped two police officers grabbed a labor's ladder and rescued them both. sam first refused to be
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treated for smoke inhalation and became belligerent. she calmed down agreed to be treated and was taken to the hospital. as was a firefighter for burns to the leg. and saying two others had been in the apartment with her and everyone got out. >> there is a search and no one found to be in that apartment. >> and both needing wheelchairs to get around. >> i saw the fresh light. i looked down and bill said fire. so we high tailed it, out. >> several people from this fourplex need somewhere ems to stay. >> this is kind of like a shock right now. it's never happened before. so we're just taking this minute by minute. >> there is 18 people displaced by the fire including a press nant woman and a couple with an
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8-month-old child. the cause of the fire is under investigation. owe and petaluma little leaguers are going to be a special guest with the giants. they treated the team to a pizza party. >> and tonight boys will be recognized by a ceremony at home plate. they're having as much fun now as when playing in the world series. >> is the werm going to be great? >> i know who ask. it's great right now. sunny skies from the coast toinland and there is one cool spot. 61 here in san francisco. 67 in oakland. inland east bay, upper 70s and there is very pleasant. taking a look at 24 hours
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ahead there is fog and low clouds near the coast and there is is fog burning and there is mid 40s to mid 50s and sunny skies from loaf 80s and just minutes when i come back, we'll kiss summer goodbye giving fall a warm welcome. >> thank you, spencer. still ahead at 4:00 is not in people's hands yet, apple iphone 5 being sold on ebay. wait until you hear how much goitsing for. >> and she's been named the world's most-beautiful woman. the high praise beyonce is getting from president obama. >> let's check traffic looking at the skyway here, step by step, inch by inch going left
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to right heading into the east bay. better for folks on the right of the screen. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues right after this.
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microsoft co-founder bill gates remains the nation's richest man, hitting the top spot from the 19th year running. with a net worth of $66 billion. and warren buffet came in second, and larry ellison, third. and mark zuckerberg dropped from 14 down to 36. and his fortune cut nearly in
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half, now only worth $9.6 billion. >> i think he'll be okay. >> nobody has an i've yoin 5 but that has not stopped folks selling them already. apple selling the basic iphone for $395 but one model going for $9900 on ebay. and another has sold for $900. sales start on friday. some online buyers might live outside of the united states where they won't be sold until later. and there is a new addition to the mobile payment market. willow bay joins us with today's after the bell report, hi, willow. >> layery and cheryl, thank you. less than 48 hours before one
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of the hyped products in recent history hits stores and reviews are rolling in. and by and large looks though apple's newest smart phone makes the grade. most have been positive with tech critics praising everything from screen to thinner design to the faster speed. and there were some complaints over the new map application, critic says they don't have public transportation directions and no street view. other complaints were the new lighting adopt daptor. adaptor and another player entered mobile payment markets. today, groupon introduced a reader called groupon payments. it is working with the ip period touch and iphone and merchants will pay lower transaction fees.
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tech giants launching a new lobbying group, internet association saefr clab bra tiff effort that is designed to protect interests of the tech industry in washington. and will work on issues such as internet privacy, and more. adobe systems released it's reports and says net income was up 3% to $195 million. however, the company issued a forecast below estimates. and starts offering some in a subscription model. stocks closing higher today and low mortgage rates and more affordable proirts in a limited supply of homes are driving up orders for home builders. your bloomberg silicon valley index closed higher, shares of google, ebay and cisco pulling
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that higher, and two more big tech names signed on to give away half of their weather wealth to charity. reed hastings and intel co-founder signed a giving pledge. haifgts has given to school reform causes and moore set up a foundation, promotes innovation in the field of health, sciences and environment. at bloomberg studies, i'm willy bay. layery and cheryl, back to you. >> thank you. >> and spencer chis critical condition -- christian is in with the accu-weather forecast. >> there are cooler than average but pleasant. there is a live view right now from emeryville there is western skies there is no hint
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of a marine layer. here is a look, you can see is that there are sunny skies on the coastline as well as around the bay and inland there is fog working up to the coastline and beyond into overnight hours, highlights low clouds and fog and there are brief warmings friday that is good while here, local fog, cool into north bay valleys and lows into mid to upper 40s. there is a this rather weak upper level low that has shown little movement and this is about to move a little bit. we'll see the low lift and then, descend back towards the bay area and there is fall
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arriving saturday, it's appropriate to have a little cooler than average weather for the weekend, tomorrow, sunny skies into the south bay. high temperatures into low 70s. 71 in san jose. there is 70s in redwood city. upper 50s to 60s on the coast. and downtown san francisco will be seeing a high of 63 tomorrow, mainly 70s up to mid 70s in santa rosa and low to mid-80s in clear lake, east bay, highs of 67. and there is inland east bay warming up to upper 70s by low 80s in antioch and brentwood and there are mid to upper 70s inland and there is is friday,
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final day of summer, saturday, first day of autumn. and there is highs into 70s and upper 50s on the coast. >> and there is a warm up monday, tuesday, wednesday. and pleasant stretch of weather. >> will be the new normal. >> yes. >> it's true. >> keeps us on our toes. >> up next, lindsay lohan in trouble again. >> and a wedding gift one couple could brag about and there is traffic head together bay bridge it's fantastic heading into san francisco. there is a little bit of a back up but reflowing coming right back with abc 7 news at
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a trouble actress finds herself on the wrong side of the law again. >> and there is a sneak peek at what stars will be eating. >> there is lindsay lohan's
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camp crying foul today after yet another traffic arrest. she was leaving a nightclub in manhattan. police say she clipped a pedestrian with her car and took off. no alcohol was involved. and the man hit is okay. the rep called it must ado about nothing. are you ready to head back to middle earth? there is a look at the new trailer for the hobbit an unexpected journey. and there is a quest december 14th. emmys just day as way. and there is a tasting of the governor's ball menu. >> we tried to do something
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that is avante garde, in a sense. >> skm don't miss the big show sunday at the emmys at 5:00 p.m. eastern, i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> there is the emmy commercial and red carpet arrivals and then, the 54th annual prime time emmy awards right here followed by an encore presentation from 8:00 until 1:00. >> the president is joking and he jay-z have a lot in common attending a fund-raiser in new york hosted by jay-z and his wife, mr. obama said they share a special bond because quote we both have daughters and our wives are more popular
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than we are. the president said there could be not be a better role model for girls adding michelle, sasha and malia were disappointed they were not able to make the he convenient president obama gave a newlywed couple a gift after nearly crashing their wedding. it was set for september 1 in a farm near des moines, the same day and place the president was holding a rally. and the president left the couple a wedding gift, a silver tray, a mint julep cup and a hand written note. >> congratulations on the wedding we wish you a great life together. barack obama. >> just our luck we're like oh, yeah. the one place we choose, the president also choose autos neither are actually registered democrat buzz they do say the president's gift is the best they've received. >> they'll treasure that, no
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doubt. >> i think so, yes. up next, california voter as proved it. some say it's illegal to collect your dna just because you've been arrested. >> lawmakers unite today to honor a woman leading the fight for democracy. >> and the space shuttle begins its flight into retirement. you can catch an up close look right here in the bay area. >> and a special request made on mark kelly the man who commanded a final decision. -- mission.
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california voters approved collection of dna on people arrested. now, a woman is suing state claiming that law sun constitutional. the american civil liberties union argued her case. in court there is a rare look inside of the court hearing where our cameras are seldom allowed. >> this is the second time the case has been heard, the first time a three judge panel ruled against lilly haskell. there is a scuffle with police during an antiwar march, one of five people arrested she was never charged and the da refused to file a case against her, swhaez ordered to
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surrender a swab for dna or face two days in jail. 11 member as agreed to rehear argue gums in this case and judging from some of the questions it appears there is some sympathy and say search for someone who hasn't been convicted or charged is unconstitutional. >> that officer just decides this is a felony. then, boom. you go swab her, she doesn't swab her, that is another misdemeanor f that doesn't work they're going to force her to submit to this. >> there is a terrible intrusion on personal privacy. >> the attorney argued collecting dna was similar to collecting fingerprints. many thought dna was bigger than just fingerprinting, coming up, we'll hear from
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lilly haskell and why this case seems destined for review by the supreme court. and in the newsroom abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. >> there are two senior justice department officials leaving their jobs after calling investigation into operation fast and furious cites management failures and recommends discipline against 14 justice employees for their role in the operation there is a report founderic holder had no prior knowledge of the operation. >> there is republican presidential nominee says he can help poor and middle class
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americans more than president obama telling supporters that the fundamental question is not which cares more, but which one can help them. there are comments two days after a video sure fased 44% of americans pay no taxes. there is a new poll under scores importance of voter turnout. an associated press poll finds 47% of the likely voters support mr. obama. 46% like rom neechl a survey of all adults shows mr. obama with a commanding lead over his republican rival. and there is a new field poll shows the president with a 58-34% lead to likely voters. >> and congress gave a high honor to a woman who fought
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against an oppressive government in her homeland. and she spent several years under house arrest before being freed. >> from the depths of my heart, i thank you, and you, their representatives for keeping us in the heart and mind during dark years. >> and one election to the parliament in april but has little clout in a legislature dominated by the military. and this. >> the space shuttle is in houston, texas now there, is a
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stop as it makes a final journey on to retirement. it will fly in on friday morning on its way to the california science center that, will be the permanent home.. >> there is a thousands gathered to watch the space shuttle endeavor as it took off and flew over mississippi, louisiana and texas. >> there is thousand that's put their heart and soul into this. >> and this is a where it will call science center home. it's no easy mission. crews are preparing to roll endoveor through the streets. there is enough clearance for the tail. >> we had to bring in
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specialized equipment. >> 263 trees are being cut, angering residents. >> something different. i think besides cutting them down. >> science center promising to plant and maintain four trees for everyone removed. and as the shuttle ended travel in houston there is mark kelly made this request for his life. >> tell the pilots it will be great if they can fly over tucson so gabby and i can see endeavor. >> tomorrow endeavor is scheduled to fly over new mexico before landing in southern california making a trip here friday. >> and there will be a low altitude flyover around 9:00 a.m. on friday. officials expecting a lot of people, up to 8,000 coming in
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for this event. and that is bound to increase traffic and they're encouraging everybody that wants to watch to take mass transit to get there. our waze app is free from the apple app store on abc 7 >> there is breaking news in southern california this is a wildfire next to homes there. there is a homes evacuated and there is a school evacuated and there is a report at 3:00 this afternoon. and that is according to patrol. you can see they've stopped traffic there. and 15 acres will continue to monitor this for you and have
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that on abc 7 news on 5:00 and kf. >> coming up, southern california lifeguards fighting for their jobs getting support after they were fired for spoofing a music video. >> and there is a hot toy list, how you can get the most popular toy was out standing in line. >> there is mainly clear skies but it's cool. we'll get a warm up before fall arrives in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> there is a check of traffic here. there is a view from emeriville. you can see traffic throughout the maze slow going. and that is heading into san francisco back towards 580. stay with us
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a popular group filting for their jobs. it's gotten more than a million views and officials say it was improper use of city property including the pool and city uniforms, all 13 lifeguards and supervisor wor fired after a packed city council meeting the mayor says that he will request an
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independent review. >> we just want to do it for fun. it's something we never thought would it have blown up to something like this. >> and there are dozens and is a viral video has more than 220 million views on you tube. and it's getting thousands of messages of support from as far as britain and everybody is doing that dance. >> yes. even in the weather department. >> and there is is a look at conditions tomorrow, going to be a nice day. no extremes into weather and sunny skies from central part of the nation. and southeastern corner, hot in phoenix. the rest of the country is cooling down. much of california will remain hot and warm tomorrow, there is 93 in fresno.
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105 in palm springs and 87 in los angeles her in the bay area, things will be cool and there are clouds remaining off shore and we'll see highs near the coast upper 50s to around 60s and there is p 67 in oakland there are low 70s, 71 in san jose. 74 in santa rosa. inland east bay, mildest region with highs into upper 0s to low 80s and there is lovely weather tomorrow there is a final day of summer, fall arrives saturday morning. and there is some important medal news still ahead, world's first uterus transplant performed.
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>> there is a warning about a common food you might have right now. >> keeping dishes clean. michael finney tests out which will need your plate, spoons and forks spotless. >> on abc 7 newsroom at 5:00 there is a family of a catholic priest puts out a reqard for a death of a loved one after he reported priest abuse. >> and voter registration raising concerns about political motivation behind it. the news at 4:00 continues right after this
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want to remind but the new afternoon line up, who wants to be a millionaire at 2:00 followed by jeopardy at 2:30, then katie at 3:00, then abc 7 news at 4:00. >> is urging people to ease up on eating a lot of rice because of high levels of arsenic saying it found significant amounts in 200 rice products and claims some infant rice cereals have five times the arsenic found in alternatives. it's a known carso again
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inflekting bladder, young and skin. the consumer group calling to set guidance on allowin allowing -- allowable levels in rice. >> there is the fda conducting a studdy and officials say so far they haven't found evidence suggesting rice sun safe to eat. >> children may be eating high levels of mercury at school and home. mercury policy project tested former curry in 60 samples of canned tuna ask says albacore can triple exposure, recommended schools and parents not serve it but if they do saying children under 55 pounds should limit light tuna to one meal once per month saying no child should eat tuna every day. >> in sweden doctors performed a mother to daughter uterus transplant two. women received
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a womb from their mothers. they were done last weekend. one woman lost her uterus to cancer, another, worn without one. doctors say all four women are doing fine. the daughters hope to begin fertility treatments a year from now. >> moving on how, choosing a dish washing deterrent juiced -- use to be simple, but laws have changed. and which brands actual clean better shoo sn. >> carol couldn't figure out why her dish washer wasn't cleaning very well. >> i tried loading differently, and tried different detergent and rinse aids. >> consumer reports evaluated the detergents testers found some left a white film on glassware this, used to be a clear plate. consumers complained so some reform lated that are their deterrent.
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>> we developed a test and hard water it's likely to develop a film. >> and aluminium can discolor. they load with clear plates and sheets and repeat the test 20 times. and authorities performs another test. there is a messy six of 1 17 -- mix of 17 ingredients is baked on. >> some of the worst deterrents left food on the plate. take a look. >> and lowest rated is green mission organic gel from whole foods. cascade complete was a clear standout. great value powder pack from walmart close behind costing less. both do a very good job clean asking they don't leave a filmy build up. and in addition to choosing a good deterrent krorkts says there are a number of things you can do to get dishes
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cleaner including using a rinse agent, facing dirty sides towards the jets and separating flat wear. >> and daughter answers and mother son ball games are banned in one rhode island school district because they're in violation of gender discrime fashion laws. a letter was sent to the school superintendent on behalf of a single mother according to the complaint the woman's daughter felt left out of the father daughter dance because she does not have a father. >> i believe that no one intended to hurt anyone's feeling was this. they wanted to be inclusive. they also like traditional type activities. >> this year it was also a site over a prayer banner and a judge rumed it unconstitutional. >> and toys are us has come up
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with a way to make sure you get the hot gift you want. there are hot, hot toys including furbies. and the nintendo and there is shoppers can put a 20% deposit down and there are skmers have until december 16th toj pick up the toys. >> so that was furbies, a robot furbie. >> and now, airlines want parents to pay another fee. >> there is a man with some
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long hair, looking to add another record
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latest airline fee has passengers outraged. some asking parents to pay more just so they can sit with their kids on the plane. troubles mount for american air lines. and lisa stark has more from reagan national airport. >> pilots with american airlines seem to be frustrated, calling in sick and delaying and grounding flights for minor issues and in one case, reports of a broken coffee pot kept a plane at the gate. the jet took off. and the johnson arrived home 24 hours after their american flight was cancelled. >> yeah. frustrating. with little kids travel asking having to miss school. >> the pilot union insists
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there is no organized slow down but the numbers appear to show something going on. tuesday, only about half of the american flights arrived on time. a dismal showing. much lower than other major airlines. >> this is not just a slow down that has passengers railing. passengers already have extra fees. now many are holding parents hostage, changing seat assignments that mom and dad booked to sit with their children, may meaning families have to pay fees to ensure they can sit together. that doesn't sit well with mom wez talked to. >> that is outrageous. as a parent you want to make sure you're taking care of your child. >> politicians are getting involved with one krab congressman introduced family flying together act of 2012 protecting families in flight. >> you have an expectation the airline would find of make aun
4:57 pm
ann unwritten promise to you. >> airline insist there is no requirement families pay extra, but some parents find without that it may mean they have to depend on goodwill of others to move seats. so they can sit with their children lisa stark abc news. >> there is a an inin man men for accomplishing feats of strength with his hair has done it again. he hit putt his pone yes tail to use on a train and he pulled a 40 ton loko moatism he owns records for pulling vehicles with his tony tail hoping to get his name registered in the guiness book of world records. i'm saying put it in right now. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. want to remind you about our
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app for the iphone. you can down load it for free. there is abc 7 news at 5:00 continues now. >> now there is a reward how the priest reported at bus, died. >> police going under cover in search of a man who attacked another woman this morning. >> i'm sandhya patel. summer about to end. will it change as seasons bring a change in cool temperatures? find out, coming up. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> tonight the family of a priest who died in san jose eight years ago is offering a reward for information about his death. >> police ruled the death a suicide but the family wants more answers. >> there whatever happened
4:59 pm
happens right there. the family believes there was a homicide and they want police to take a second look. >> this is his bible. why a priest would lay a bible down? >> john is talking about his brother, james, a priest who dieded on his birthday in 2004. authorities say he was on jury duty that day and committed suicide by jumping from the roof of this parking structure. across the street from the santa clara county hall of justice. the family does not believe that is the case. >> what do you think happened to your brother? >> well, i question whether he was hurled over because he seemed to be motionless. >> in the years before the death he had accused another priest living at church fa sill any los gatos of sexual lay busing him. and he reached a $1.6 million settlement following the death.
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